January 9, 2014

Getting Started: Miles & Points Blogs

This is the fourth in a series (posts one, two, and three) of posts on getting started earning, managing, and redeeming points and miles.  There are a handful of outstanding miles and points blogs that I subscribe to and read almost everyday.  They all make it pretty easy for you to bookmark, subscribe via email, follow on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.  Each blog takes a slightly different approach to travel.  But they are all interesting and full of detail on deals, award redemptions, and trip reports for dozens of hotels/airlines.  Reading these blogs has been super helpful in earning miles, figuring out how to redeem for the best hotels/flights and see a trip report of a flight or hotel so I know what to expect.

Here's a recap of my favorites:
  1. Ben writes the One Mile at a Time blog.  He's 23, travels hundreds of thousands per miles a year in first class.  Has amazing trip reports of his travels.
  2. Brian writes The Points Guy which is a really done beginner and intermediate blog.  Tons of posts on all airlines and hotel chains.
  3. Gary writes View from the Wing and has super insightful posts about the travel industry in general as well as miles and points.  He's a CFO so also posts on the economics of the industry which is fascinating.
  4. Scott and Amol write Hack my Trip.  Also focused on economics and trip reports.
  5. Summer writes Mommy Points which is focused on family travel.  Her blog will likely be helpful to many of you as you try to navigate traveling with a little one as well as reducing your spend on vacations now that you have more people to travel with!
Obviously, your favorite blog should be this one, but there's lots of content out there and it's always helpful to get multiple opinions on something.  Happy reading!

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