March 8, 2014

Flying with Chelsea Clinton on Singapore Airlines: Introduction

Exploring Singapore
Conrad Centennial Singapore
Singapore Airlines 777-300ER First Class Singapore to San Francisco

This is a bit of a long story but it's a good one so please bear with me...

It all started the morning of July 8th, 2012.  Emily and I were in Boulder preparing for our wedding which was slated (and actually happened) the following Saturday.  On Sunday mornings, she likes to sleep in as long as possible and I like to wake up at 6:00AM and try to wake her up.  Usually she finds this incredibly annoying but this was different.

Singapore Airlines First Class Singapore to San Francisco

Anyway, I was up early reading my favorite blog online, when I found this post.  Overnight, Singapore Airlines (typically regarded as one of the world's best airlines) was in the process of updating their systems that manage flight inventory when they encountered some sort of glitch that brought down their website for >24 hours.  Not sure if they knew what happened and it took a long time to fix or if they actually were unaware of what happened for a significant amount of time.

Singapore Airlines premium cabin availability (which was typically very limited or non-existent) was wide open on  I read the post and logged on to my United account.  At the time, I was sitting on over 300,000 United miles and kind of started to drool a bit looking at the availability.  There were 2+ seats on many Singapore Airlines first class routes through the end of the schedule.

I found availability over Memorial Day 2013 and promptly woke Emily up.  The conversation went something like this:

Evan:  "Good morning.  Want to go to Singapore next May?"
Emily:  "What?  Why?  It is SOOO far.  I'm sleeping."
Evan:  "Watch this" (Plays video of First Class seat and meal)
Emily:  "Um.  Okay!  How?"
Evan:  "Just trust me and go back to sleep. "

I played around with the dates a bit so we could minimize our time out of the office and found a great routing that would enable us to fly out Friday night, experience Business Class on the A380 from LAX, and then return on a Friday night in First Class.  Little did we know who would be joining us in the cabin.

Since we hadn't been to Asia yet, I figured giving us the weekend to recover would be a good idea.  I booked the ticket (cost was 260,000 United miles and about $130 in taxes/fees) and crossed my fingers that it would actually get ticketed.  What a deal!

Pretty sweet itinerary

Well the ticket came through and we were all set.  There was some speculation online that Singapore and/or United would cancel the tickets but that never came to fruition.  We were so busy with the wedding that we kind of forgot about the trip for months.  A few months of blissful marriage, I checked the ticket to ensure everything was all good.  It was indeed and we started looking for a hotel and planning our four days in Singapore.  More on that in the next installment...

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