August 30, 2014

How to Request Starwood Missing Stay Credit

A couple of weeks ago, we stayed at the Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa.  The stay was great but when I logged on to my account to check that my stay posted correctly, I didn't receive any points for actual spend at the property.  I did receive my SPG Platinum amenity (500 points) and points (1,000) for making "the green choice."  I also received proper night/stay credit toward elite status.

No points for my "award stay"

I spent $270 at the property which should have earned my 3x points (since I'm Starwood Platinum) so I waited until a week after checkout and submitted the "report a missing stay" form within my SPG account.  This is really easy - you can find the form in several places but on the activity screen, it's on the right hand side.

The right hand navigation contains the "Report a Missing Stay" link

You'll need the dates of your stay, property, and rough amount you spent during your stay.  It's really VERY simple.  I filled out the form and within a few days I had an email from Starwood explaining that my account had been updated and the stay "properly credited."  This amounted to 810 points which I value at around $25 so it was definitely worth it to take the 3 minutes out of my day to ensure they posted correctly.

Interesting enough, I also received 2 nights/1 stay towards elite qualification.  Either it was my lucky day, someone made a mistake, or there's a bug in their system when retroactively fixing these issues.

All in, I spent $270 at the property for two nights (Cash and Points) and earned 2,310 Starwood points.  Total value for me is around $70 so not a bad rebate on the spend.  The fact that I received 2 stays and 4 nights toward elite qualification was a bonus:)

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