May 30, 2015

Review: British Airways Concorde Room LHR (2015)

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Once off the plane, we took the train to the main pier of terminal 5 and clear transit security.  There was a fast track line but it seemed longer than the regular line.  10 minutes and a couple of pat downs later, we were back in the terminal searching for the Concorde Room.  It wasn't the easiest lounge to find.  Down a set of escalators, to the far end of the terminal, back up another set of escalators...and we had arrived.

BA tails on the way to the gate
The lounge "dragon" who looked at our boarding passes on the way in pointed us towards the Galleries lounge (business class and alliance first class passengers) and said we could not enter the Concorde Room.  I knew she was wrong and pushed...and she relented.  It didn't hurt that we already had a cabana reservation and could prove it.

Upon check in at the Concorde Room desk, we were welcomed and made our way to the concierge to grab our cabana.  I had reserved the cabana via email a few months back.  Interestingly enough, our "reservation" was written in a book in pencil.  You would think they would have upgraded from a system that probably worked perfectly 300 years ago...

Cabana # 3
We were shown to our cabana (#3) which was perfectly serviceable.  But it was by no means luxurious.  It contained a desk, a chaise, ottoman, toilet, and shower.  I would not want to spend more than 30 minutes in this thing unless I was in desperate need of a nap.

Not even comparable to the cabanas at Cathay Pacific's The Wing.  We took a quick shower and cleaned up and then settled in to a set of super comfortable chairs in the inside portion of the lounge.

We then moved to the outside terrace for a bit.  While a little on the warm side, being "outside" and elevated above the terminal is really cool.  Great views of airport traffic, people watching, and comfortable seating areas to chill.

After catching up on email and coffee, we headed to the restaurant for some food.

Concorde Room Restaurant
The food was excellent despite the service being a bit on the slow side.

One great thing about BA is that they serve the same Champagne in the lounge as they do on the plane.  So we kept the Champagne going for another hour or so.  We were eventually headed to France, after all.

Concorde Room Bar
Concorde Room "Terrace"
Views from the "Terrace"

Our 4 hour layover went by very fast in the Concorde Room.  We both liked the decor, service, drinks, and food.  I would say this is a great lounge but not among the very best.  I would put the Lufthansa First Class Terminal and The Wing well ahead.

After a 15 minute trek to our gate, we were boarding our A320 to Amsterdam!!!

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