August 23, 2015

Review: Thai Airways First Class 747-400 Bangkok to Hong Kong

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The premium options between Bangkok and Hong Kong are pretty outstanding for a 2.5 hour flight.  You can fly Emirates' A380 service (with shower suite) for a cash rate of around $700 USD.  Cathay Pacific offers a first class cabin on their 777 service and Thai offers their 747 first class.  I debated between the Emirates and Thai offering but ultimately opted to save the cash and burn 70,000 United miles for the Thai flight and the spa experience.

Thai Airways 747-400

Up the stairs and into the nose

After a great massage, we were soon climbing the stairs to the nose of the 747-400 that would be taking us to Hong Kong.  Thai Airways actually has two different first class seats.  These aging shell seats and "suites" on their newer 747s and their A380.  For this short hop, Thai flies the older planes.  These 747's are a total throwback but still in decent shape.  The seats are old and not very private but very comfortable for a short flight.  

Row 1


We made our way to seats 2A and 3A and settled in with a glass of Thai's signature welcome drink and a hot towel.  It would just be the two of us and one other passenger today.

Purple drank

The seats have a massage function, pull out television with decent entertainment options and a ton of leg room.  There's an ottoman that can be moved closer to the seat to put your feet up.  There is a cabinet in the middle of the cabin (next to row 2) that opens up to become the "bar" after takeoff.

Seat 2A

Seat and massage controls

Leg room for days

Cabin shot

Pull out TV

Since we were already on the tarmac, we were lined up and blasting off for HKG within minutes.  It doesn't get any better than sitting in the nose of a 747 for takeoff.

We had both pre-ordered meals (roast duck for me) which were confirmed as our tables were set.  The flight attendant promised to keep the 2004 Dom flowing.


Dom, Nuts, TV

Soup and bread

More Dom please

Roast Duck

The meal was great but not amazing.  We've flow Thai Business a number of times and I can't say this meal (other than the wine) was that much better than any particular business class flight.  

After another episode of The Mentalist, we were soon defending into Hong Kong.  We landed right on time and were off the plane, though immigration, and in a cab on the way to The Conrad within 30 minutes.  The airport is just another reason why Hong Kong is my favorite city in the world.

Amazing clouds on approach to HKG

For 35,000, this is a pretty great way to get to Hong Kong from Bangkok.  Next time, I'll probably switch it up and go for the Emirates A380 service but the spa was a really fun experience and definitely worth it at least once.

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