September 26, 2015

A Successful (Saks) Triple Dip

Perry's brought a lot of joy to our lives but she's also destroyed a few things.  The one time we let her on the bed (to play) she clawed a giant hole in our sheet.  Note to self - never do that again.  So we needed new sheets.

Last week, Saks Fifth Avenue sent me a promo code in the mail for $100 off $500 in spend.  Amex added an Amex Offer that provided 6,000 Membership Rewards Points ($120 value to me) for $400 in spend.  United temporarily increased their shopping portal payout at Saks to 15x.

Call it a perfect storm.

I wouldn't ordinarily purchase sheets from Saks but this was too good of a deal to pass up.  We were able to find sheets, pillow cases, and a few towels we've been needing to purchase anyway for a total of $536 with tax and shipping.  Going through the United portal and leveraging my promo code and Amex offer, I received:

  • 6,436 American Express MR points
  • 6,300 United Miles
I value both currencies at around 2 cents and I would actually buy them at that rate if I had an award in mind.  After the coupon, I paid $436 and received $254 in point value back.  That's $182 for some really nice sheets that we had to purchase regardless.

Everyone will value their points differently but for the time it took to execute this trip dip (less than 15 minutes) I'm quite pleased.

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