July 30, 2016

Best Newark Airport Hotel?

We're headed back to the Maldives next month and I've been playing around with our outbound flights a bit to try and get the most out of our time away.  Originally we had been scheduled to leave in the morning and arrive the next afternoon in Istanbul.

I've since adjusted our itinerary (updated info in the next trip report segment coming soon) to fly to the east coast after work, overnight, and then take an early afternoon flight from JFK to Istanbul.  This will give us a bit more time on the ground (more on this related to the security/political situation coming) to enjoy what is one of our favorite cities in the world.

So we'll be flying into Newark arriving late and then departing the early the next morning out of JFK.  Flying in and out of different airport isn't ideal but also not that big of a deal either.  It will add a bit of expense (really just the Uber between airports since the hotel will be paid for with points) but also adds a bit of logistical adventure which I enjoy.

To that end, we need an airport hotel.  From what I've read, the JFK airport hotel situation isn't great and the idea of sitting in a car for 45 minutes after a 4 hour flight and a full day of work doesn't sound that appealing.  So we're likely going to overnight at Newark and Uber to JFK in the morning.

Does anyone have a favorite Newark airport hotel?  I know the Marriott property is closest to the terminal (seems like you could walk) and has been recently remodeled but have read great things about the Renaissance.  We stayed at the Hilton a couple years ago and it was serviceable but seemed far from the terminal.

At this point, I'm leaning towards the Renaissance (25,000 points or $225) but wanted to see what you guys think.

Anyone have any experience overnighting at Newark?

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