October 9, 2016

The $500 Aloft

I'm working on a November trip to the UAE to head back to Al Maha and spend a bit of time in Dubai.  I'll have more on the trip soon but we'll be flying back from Abu Dhabi aboard Etihad's 777 first class.

We needed an overnight in Abu Dhabi and hotel rates are insane.  All three Hyatt properties are sold out.  Both St. Regis properties are selling for $700 and $1200 respectively.  The city is crazy that week due to the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix.  I would have loved to return to the Park Hyatt given our stay earlier this year essentially was rained out.

Cash or points?
We settled on the Aloft Abu Dhabi given the proximity to the airport and a couple of sites that we'd like to check out during our overnight.  Rates were insane.  The Aloft was selling for more than $500 with tax.

And this is why points open up the world.  3,000 SPG points (actually 9,000 Marriott points instantly transferred) scored us a hotel room worth $500.  Is it the most aspirational use of points?  Definitely not.  But we need a hotel room and it should do.  Full trip details coming soon.

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