February 5, 2017

10 Free GoGo Passes With Amex Business Platinum

The Amex Platinum offers a number of perks that offset the $450 annual fee.  The business version of the card has a few different perks that are worth considering in your valuation of the card offering.

One of the benefits is 10 free GoGo internet passes per calendar year.  So if you get the card in 2017, you'll get 10 free passes in 2017 and 2018...all for one annual fee.

To get the passes added to your GoGo account, you'll need to go to this website.  Enter your card information, GoGo account credentials, and the 10 passes will be instantly added.  This will take you two minutes max.

I flew Delta last week and was able to use 2/10 free passes during the trip.  The internet would have cost $9.95 per flight so if you use that as your benchmark, this is a $200 benefit associated with one Amex Platinum annual fee.  Add the $200 annual travel credit, (typically) large sign-up bonus, Amex centurion access, and Global Entry fee waiver, and you can get a ton out of value out of the $450 annual fee.

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