April 23, 2017

Double Dip at Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is one of our favorite home stores.  Everything is super expensive but very much our style.  You can check out the review of our 2016 stay at the Parker Palm Springs (designed by Jonathan Adler) for more context.

I received an email from them offering 20% off any purchase which is a pretty good deal in and of itself since it applies to everything - including furniture pieces that cost thousands of dollars.

A couple of funny things about the offer.  First, there is an expiration (it is ~10 days past) date on the offer but seems to still be working.  Second, when I actually add an item to my cart and apply the offer it seems to be coding as 25% off.

American Express has an Amex offer out for $50 off $250 in spend at Jonathan Adler.  This offer showed up on nearly all of our Amex cards and we were able to add it to 7 of them for a total of $350 off $1250 in spend.

In order to maximize this, you'd need to buy 7 separate gift cards which is annoying but I might just do it.  In theory, you could buy a $1250 item for $588 after combing the promo code with the Amex offer.  It would take a bit of work but you'd be saving nearly $700.

If you are into Jonathan Adler, keep an eye on your email for a promo code and check your Amex offers!

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