April 1, 2017

United Club Updates

I've been a United Club (and before that, the Red Carpet Club) member off and on for the past 10 years.  I remember purchasing my first RCC membership at the discounted price given my United 1K status.  I felt so cool checking in to clubs across the country with my shiny red card.

Over the years the quality of the clubs have definitely declined.  Everything from furniture to service to complimentary drinks and food.  But United is starting to reinvest in the product again and they are making upgrades to the clubs.  I rejoined last year and have been pleasantly surprised with the experience.

United sent me an email this week with an update on club renovations as well as new clubs.  I'll be in San Francisco in May and look forward to checking out the new club(s)...potentially the new Polaris lounge will be open by then.  I've only been to one United club worth reviewing since I started the blog and that was the arrivals lounge at LHR.  I'm glad to see continued investment from United in the club experience and hope to get to review a couple additional lounges in 2017.

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