July 2, 2017

What is Wrong with United's Math?

United's pretty good about offering paid upgrades to first class and I've taken advantage of a handful this year.  We're headed to Orange County later this month and I upgraded the outbound for $109 each which was credited back to Emily's Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card.

I was looking at the reservation yesterday and noticed this:

$74?  That's the lowest upgrade price I've seen on United in recent years.  I remember taking advantage of a $59 upgrade on United to Las Vegas but that was a few years ago and this flight is nearly 50% longer.

I clicked through to see if it was real.  It was not...

$1,429 per person for a one-way upgrade!  Somehow United's banner add not the reservation screen is showing the upgrade "savings" price vs. the actual upgrade fee.  Not sure how that makes any sense or what is wrong with their IT/Math.  We're both back in the United elite ranks (Emily Premier Silver and I will cross with my next flight) so perhaps we'll be upgraded for $0!

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