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April 25, 2015

That Pajama Moment

Last week I posted about our Cathay Pacific First Class flight from New York to Vancouver.  There were a few pictures that I somehow missed when posting the trip report that seem worthy of posting here.

There's something about pajamas on an airplane that makes me feel like I'm 5 years old again.  I realize that this is not something most people will experience crammed into an economy seat with total strangers sleeping all over you.  But that's the point of this blog - the experience is totally accessible with a little effort and organization.

While I typically won't wear them on the plane, (they are too warm) I do have a pretty fantastic collection that I get use out of at home.  That said, it is perfectible acceptable to wear them on the plane and most of other passengers (including Emily) seem to go that route.  But for me, just receiving them is a pretty amazing experience.

Of the 10+ pairs of first class pajamas I've received, Cathay's are the best.  Here's the before.

And the after.  Also a great shot of the open cabin with just 6 total seats.

And a bonus shot of the brand new female amenity kit, (male kit is the same - just a darker color and different products) menu, and pre-requisite glass of Krug.