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September 5, 2016

Anker Portable Chargers On Sale at Amazon

Keeping devices powered while walking around an airport, city, or on a plane without modern power capabilities can be challenging.  Fortunately, portable travel chargers are getting better and better.

We picked up a new Anker branded version for our recent trip and it worked flawlessly.  The charger is about the size of a candy bar, fits in pretty much any pocket, and charged both of our iPhones (6S models) from <20% to fully charged and still had room to spare.

Amazon is having a 30% off sale today on Anker products and while the version we have isn't part of the 30% off sale, there are others on sale at a deep discount.

This one will charge an iPhone six times.  And this one four times.

You can also pick-up an Anker branded high-speed, red 1ft cord (which we have as well) and worked very well in combination with the portable charger.

Whether you are headed on a whirlwind, round the world trip or just a road warrior, I'd highly recommend picking up an Anker portable battery charger.  

February 28, 2016

Two Awesome Travel Gifts

I received two awesome aviation gifts over the holidays that I think are worth sharing.  If you (or someone you love) are into flying, aviation, travel, or art then both of these items should go on your wish list.

Assouline produces some amazing coffee table books.  The Art of Flying came out earlier this year and it now has a permanent home on my coffee table.  The book is absolutely gorgeous and is contained within a hard sided box of sorts.  The book slides out easily.  

While not cheap, the book is a great edition to our living room and I've enjoyed looking at the amazing pictures of aviation over the years.

08 Left is one of my favorite aviation themed online stores.  I've purchased coasters and t-shirts for myself - both have been high quality and I've been really impressed with their customer service and price point.  They have SO many airports/cities (350+) that you can use to customize t-shirts, pillows, art, etc...

08 Left "our world"
We've been looking for an aviation themed piece of art for our home and finally found it before the holidays.  Titled "our world" and sold over the holidays as a fine art print, (vs. the metal prints currently for sale) the piece contains images of 30 airport control towers from around the world.  Hopefully they will bring back the lower cost print ($299) soon!

Framed and hanging on the wall, the piece feels really unique and totally matches our style and interest.  I would highly recommend a piece of art from 08 Left for your home.

December 21, 2014

Pickup an Amazon Kindle for $29

I usually bring two "real" books for each longhaul trip.  Sometimes I'll throw in a travel book which makes three.  I'll typically ONLY finish one of the books but I like having more than one option.  That said, bringing multiple books eats up a lot of space in my carryon and adds some unnecessary weight.  So replacing "real" books with an e-reader makes a ton of sense.

I've looked at getting an Amazon Kindle a few times but for whatever reason never pulled the trigger.  Today, Staples is selling Kindles for $59 with a $30 Visa Gift Card.  That drops the effective price to $29.  That was good enough for I bought one this morning.  I went through the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal (2x points) and used my Chase Ink card (5x points at office supply stores) to earn an additional 420 Ultimate Rewards points.  I value those points at about $8 so the Kindle was really about $20.  What a deal.

A great last minute holiday gift for friends, family, or yourself.