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February 15, 2015

United Double Bills...and Actually Apologizes

I booked our tickets to Hawaii at last week.  I logged on to my American Express account to pay my bill on my Business Gold Card (earning 3x Membership Rewards points for airfare purchases) only to discover that I had been double billed for the the tickets.

I contacted American Express to let them know and they opened up an inquiry and promised to investigate.  I also contacted United via email to let them know.

After a few days, they responded.

I was really impressed with the email and the apology.  While I did ask for 10,000 miles in my email, I wasn't expecting anything.  Impressive service if you ask me to both take care of the issue and provide some "goodwill" compensation.

The 10,000 miles have already posted to our accounts and the duplicate billing issue resolved.  Thanks United!

January 29, 2014

Update on Recent Citi AAdvantage Executive Application

As I wrote about here and here, I applied for the Citi AA Executive card with a 75,000 and $100 statement credit.  Three days after I applied (and was approved) Citi bumped the public offer to 100,000 miles and a $200 statement credit for $10,000 in spend.  Unfortunately timing I guess.  So I emailed Citi last night to see if they would honor the "better" offer.

Surprisingly, they offered to honor the "better" offer without increasing the minimim spend requirement.  So (factoring in the $200 statement credit) I will now earn 100,000 AA miles for $250.  Not a bad deal given that the miles can be used for a roundtrip business class ticket to Europe!  This is one of the best deals I've seen in a long time and I'm glad I was able to take advantage of it.

The full text of the response is shown below:

January 8, 2014

Sometimes a Cancelled Flight Can Be a Good Thing

During our recent trip to London, we received an email from United at 11:40PM on New Years Eve.  Our 9:20 AM flight from London to Houston had been cancelled.  Well that sucks.  A few minutes later, we received an email informing us that we had been re-booked on the 11:40 AM flight.  That was good news but now we were going to have a super tight 1:10 connection in Houston.  There wasn't much we could do so we enjoyed the rest of 2013, set our alarms for two hours later, and "slept in" a bit.

Our flight to Houston was fine (review coming) except for the fact that Emily has a gluten allergy and I had requested a gluten free meal.  But that meal was sitting on our originally scheduled flight...back in Houston.  So she was kind of out of luck in terms of food.  Thanks to Global Entry, we somehow made our connection even with checked bags.  The flight from Houston to Denver was on an internationally configured 767-300 so we had lie flat beds for the two hour flight.  Pretty sweet...except the entertainment system didn't work and had to be constantly reset by the crew.