April 5, 2014

New American Express Offers - Zappos and Crate & Barrel

American Express is out with a couple of great new offers.  I've previously posted about this program here and here.  While I wouldn't recommend the strategy outlined below unless you regularly shop at these merchants, if you do, it's a super fast way to get 20-25% a future purchase.  This morning, I logged into my account this morning and noticed two relevant new offers.

  • $30 off a $150 Zappos purchase
  • $10 off a $50 Crate & Barrel purchase

I saved both the offers to my card and on of Emily's.  Then I went to Crate & Barrel (after checking evRewards first to ensure I also receive the best portal bonus and bought a $50 gift card on each of our cards.  Note that the terms specifically exclude e-gift cards but not physical ones.  I did the same thing at Zappos with $150 gift cards that we will definitely make good use of across the year.

The entire process took me about 10 minutes.  Total cost was $400 and I'll receive $80 in cash back, 200 American Airlines miles, (valued at around $4) and 400 Starwood points (valued at around $12).

Even better, when I redeem the gift cards, I can double dip through a shopping portal to earn even more points/miles.  The Amex Offers program is pretty awesome.  Looking at their website, they display the total amount card members have saved since the launch of the program about 4 years ago.  Currently, over $78,000,000.  That is pretty cool!!


  1. Perfect, I need some new shoes!

  2. Thanks for sharing I was looking for someone that had success using the Zappos by purchasing a giftcard. I'm not clear though for Zappos you bought egift or physical? My concern was this statement on their webpage:

    Products on Zappos.com are sold by Zappos Retail, Inc. and Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards sold on Zappos.com are sold by Zappos Gift Cards, Inc.

    I was worried that bc of that it wouldn't trigger the credit.

    1. @ Kelly Michelle I've had no issues triggering the credit with physical gift cards. I have heard that e-Gift cards are an issue but as long as you can wait to get physical cards (usually delivered in 2-3 days) it's worked every time for me.

    2. thanks!