June 21, 2014

Review: Thanksgiving Tea at Burj Al Arab

Last year, we spent Thanksgiving in Dubai.  After a great few days in Istanbul, we flew overnight to Dubai and checked into the Grosvenor House.  We spent our first day there just relaxing on the beach and exploring the area (the Marina) where our hotel was located.

On Thanksgiving Day, we grabbed a cab to Burj Al Arab for our tea.  I have wanted to visit the hotel for a really long time.  It's the world's only "7 star hotel" and was so expensive, they actually don't know how much it cost.  Since staying there would cost $1,300/night, I figured having Thanksgiving tea would be a more cost effective option.

It was easy to get a reservation.  I emailed the hotel a few months in advance with our request (date, time, gluten allergy, etc...) and they emailed back within a few hours to confirm.  I did have to provide a credit card to secure the booking and they confirmed our reservation and provided the dress code once receiving my credit card information.

Tea is $125 USD AI per person which includes one glass of champagne (subsequent glasses are $40 each).  It was definitely expensive but we thought it was worth it...especially for such a memorable Thanksgiving.

We arrived around 30 minutes prior to our reservation to take some pictures of the hotel.  I don't think  pictures or videos do it justice.  It is a stunning piece of architecture.  Yes, it is gaudy.  But it is also quite beautiful.

After taking pictures inside and out, we headed up the elevator to the 27th floor which is a bit of of a misnomer since the elevator covers 2 stories...so we were actually on the 54th floor.  Unfortunately, tea was packed and we didn't get a window table but we were close enough.  I won't cover every aspect of the food but it was very, very good.  They easily took care of Emily's allergy and the service was extremely friendly.  All of the servers were happy to take dozens of pictures of us and told us to linger at the table for us long as we wanted.  And the actual tea was awesome.  They have a tea menu that is seriously 20 pages long.

It was a really cool experience to see the hotel and the view of the Dubai skyline from a distance.  If you are in Dubai, I would definitely recommend it...especially for a special occasion like an American Thanksgiving in Dubai.

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