December 27, 2015

Amex Offers Saved Me $1000 in 2015

I've written about American Express Amex Offers a number of times.  Amex really steps up their game at the end of the year and this year was no exception.  I was able to add awesome Amex Offers from places I was going to spend money anyway (i.e. Amazon, Uber, Saks, Instacart) to multiple cards by opening multiple windows and adding the offer to each card.  I was able to add the Amazon offer ($15 off $60 in spend) to 6 of the cards - that's basically $90 in "free" money since you can buy pretty much anything at Amazon.

Adding Amex Offers to your card account is easy

While the year isn't over yet, we're already at $958 in savings across 7 American Express cards.  That is way more than the Amex annual fees we paid ($640) in 2015.

Savings on food, hotels, luggage, and more!

It is super easy to add the offers to your card.  You can add via Facebook or Twitter but I prefer to check out the mobile app because scrolling through the offers is most efficient when there is a long list (I currently have around 85 available offers on my Amex SPG Card).

Once the offer is added, go meet the minimum spend threshold online or in-store and you should receive an email informing you that you've triggered the Amex Offer.  In my experience, credits post in 2-3 days.  You can also stack Amex Offers with other promotions or even buy a gift card to trigger the discount.  I was able to trigger the $80 W Hotels offer by booking Emily a "prepaid" rate at a W in New York in January - even though the stay was outside of the promotional window.

Kudos to Amex for not only launching but continually improving this program with improved offers each year!

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