November 6, 2016

Buy SPG Points Up to 50%

SPG is out with their most lucrative "buy points" promotion of all time.  The best you can do with the promotion is 50% off which is an incredible deal.

 To determine your discount, you'll need to head to this page and enter your name, email address, and SPG number.  Note that the promotion runs through 12/31/16 and you may buy up to 30,000 SPG points per calendar year.  You must buy at least 5,000 SPG points to receive the bonus.

I was targeted for 35% off and Emily 25% off so unfortunately, I'm not a buyer at those prices.  At 50% off, you can buy up to 30,000 SPG points for $525.

30,000 SPG points will convert to 90,000 Marriott points or 37,500 airline miles of your choice assuming you have another 10,000 SPG points (total of 40,000) to convert into 50,000 airline miles.  That is 1.4 cents per airline mile - about as cheap as you're ever going to be able to acquire via a miles purchase.

Given the 30,000 point limit, it's hard to scale this deal.  Even so, I would speculatively buy at 1.4 cents each if I had received the offer.

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