July 11, 2015

Review: Cathay Pacific First Class 777-300ER LAX to Hong Kong

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We headed down to the gate around 30 minutes prior to boarding.  Morning at TBIT on Monday is quiet - there were only a handful of flights departing so the terminal was mostly empty.  We snapped a few pictures of the 777 that would be taking us to Asia and soon enough, boarding was called.

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER

This would be my third first class ride on Cathay's 777-300ER in 2015 (Hong Kong to LAX and New York to Vancouver) and I was looking forward to some Krug, a great meal, and one of the best beds in the sky.

Seat 1A and 2A

My home for the next 15 hours

We were warmly greeted upon entering the cabin and settled into our seats (1D and 1K) after taking a few more pictures of the cabin and seat.  

Jonathan settling in to seat 1K

This was my first time flying the "old" Cathay Pacific first class.  Not much of a difference although the finishes definitely looked a bit dated after flying the new product so recently.  My amuse bouche was delivered with the first of many glasses of Krug.  What a great way to start a Monday morning.

Get it started

Jonathan took the window seat (1K) and began fiddling with the seat.  We asked the crew to take a couple pictures of us and they politely obliged.  Aesop amenity kits and PYE pajamas were delivered a few minutes later.  Cathay's PYE pajamas are phenomenal - someone told me PYE (Hong Kong clothing designer) sells a similar set for north of $150 USD.  Included in the pajama package is a card for a complimentary gift at one of the PYE stores in Hong Kong.  This would be my first Cathay first trip to Hong Kong where I could actually redeem the certificate.  The gift was a $75USD gift certificate to the store (shirts go for $300+) or a set of pocket squares.  We both chose the pocket squares.

Cathay Pacific First Class Pajamas

Back to the trip report...we pushed back a few minutes late and headed out to the runway.  After we were airborne, the real show started.  More Krug with the caviar service.  

Krug & Caviar

I figured it would be good to order some vegetables although the caesar salad I ordered was somewhat bizarre.  Pine nuts and cheese in separate plastic ramekins.  Not exactly first class but no big deal.  Instead of my water glass being refilled, the crew kept providing bottles of water.  I didn't understand until I landed.  We weren't told about the water contamination but that's the only thing I can think of.  I did brush my teeth a couple of times in the lavatory but didn't get sick - lucky I guess.

While I think Cathay's meal service is decent, it's not in the same universe as Singapore Airlines.  

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

I ordered the saffron fettuccine (sorry for the lack of food pictures) for my main course which was good but not great.  I finished brunch off with a cappuccino, head my bed made and started to binge watch The Mentalist given that we had another 12 hours in the air.

Long flight

After a few episodes and a movie, I drifted off to sleep for almost 6 hours.  Cathay's bed is ridiculous.  The suites don't have doors but the bedding is so comfortable and the seat is so wide that it feels just like sleeping at home.  Maybe even better.

I woke up and order a shrimp quesadilla which you wouldn't think an airline based in Hong Kong would nail.  But they definitely did.  I drifted back to sleep for a bit, watched some more tv, and walked to the back of the plane to get some "exercise."  

An hour out from Hong Kong, I asked to have my bed put back in seat mode, changed into street clothes and watched the approach into HKG while sipping another excellent cappuccino.

Wheels down at HKG

All in all, Cathay Pacific First Class is a phenomenal way to cross the pacific.  I didn't find this crew to be that great.  The meal service was good but not great.  But we arrived safely, well rested, full, and slightly hungover.  And for 67,500 American Airlines miles, it is one hell of an award redemption.

We landed a few minutes late and taxied to the terminal.  We bid adieu to the crew and headed towards transfer security and a much needed shower at The Wing before checking out Cathay's brand new lounge, The Pier.

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